Violet is her. Violet is the erratic beating of your love-sick heart. Violet is your mind un focusing as it wanders aimlessly towards thoughts of her. Violet is the knowing smile she gives you as you approach her shyly. Violet is your heart beating violently, you unsure if you feel excited, nervous, anxious or all three. Violet is the look her eyes when she pulls you closer to her. Violet is her whispered confessions. Violet is a secret you share with one person. Violet is the glances you share and the touches that linger. Violet is her quiet promises. Violet is that secret meeting. Violet is when she waited for you there. Violet is her face cupped in your hands. Violet is when it's her turn to look shyly. Violet is the space between your lips and hers. Violet is the moment when they meet. Violet is her.


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