I can be the evil you need

I can be the darkness

Because that is what you have asked of me




Think back as you have questioned me

my quote instability

my intentions

my character

its seems to me, my good intentions go unseen

and thus you have labeled me

A villain

The word rings in my ears

first with anger but then

I see how much power you have truly given me

fear not my “friend”

the stories will end with you riding the white horse

and me soaked, green and melting while people cheer at my down fall

Unless of course you are mistaken?


No matter I will be what you need

the scapegoat so to speak if that is what you ask of me

I will rise with the greats


I'll keep my heart in a box and court my huntsaman

Like Ursula I will steal your voice as you stole mine

come prick your pretty little finger on my spinning wheel and feel the sting of betrayal

like maleficent I will grow wings and fly free as you sleep in your ignorance and spite

I have never desired power but goddamn this feels good

You take your high horse because I have the sky

elphaba had it right

so pardon me while I depart on my broomstick

and revel in my own magnificence

I am fabulous

I am  powerful

and its all thanks to you

the pitch fork holders and nay sayers

I am a villian in chains

But I am freer than you’ll ever be


Still it hurts to know I have been turned

I could have been good

My face white and clean

But I think green and black suit me better don’t you think?

and I’d much rather be bad than ignorant

so i’ll wear my darkness like a shroud until,

well IF

you finally see what was good in me

but then I suppose it will be too late.....

for you


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