Villainous Me (I have no choice)

Wed, 06/27/2018 - 05:55 -- JonanQ



What's the point of talking nicely, if you are always stepped over on?

What's the point of asking politely, if you never get what you want and need?

What's the point of being good, if you are treated second-rate?


I am vicious because I have no choice.

I am angry because I am unheard.

I am evil because I am unwanted.


I never chose to be hated, spat on, indicted.

I never chose to be cast out, locked up, slandered.

I never chose to be maligned, wrathful, villainous.


I had no choice, but to be.

I had no choice to be free.

Now no one can stop me to be me.

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