Views and Visions

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 17:28 -- shaylar


A vision of hate,
remains as paint,
on my eye.
And now my vision is tainted
by the visions of other men.
And then.
By the eye being the window to the soul;
my soul becomes cold,
hardened as events unfold,
thus trapping my mind
to become blind
and never dream of hope.
How can one cope?
To live believing
that achieving 
peace is a lie.
Since when did we forget
to control our fate?
And think as though
dreams of woe
are destined to be truth?
We accept the lies 
in another man’s eyes
and are one in a world divided
by fear.
And then cannot hear
the words of love
the words of change
for the better.
This is a letter.
To all those that are against
the mindset that keeps the mind condensed
in a box.
Please read it.
We cannot remain ignorant.
To the visions that are feed
that only will head
to a world divided.
Let us be reminded.
That life is seen by the eye
and the scene we see
can possibly be
a new world.
So let us join hands
and make plans
for the future to remain,
to unlock hatred’s chain
and be linked still
bonded by one dream,
to live.
And view the vision,
and continue the mission
to view through the eye of love.


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