Viewing The Color Red.

When people see red, they think of love.

Every story told to us.

Snow White's red lips, 

Prince Charming's kiss,

There's so much depth that people miss.

They think red roses, romance, passion.

Tender hearts, flushed body parts.

As a future doctor,

Red is something different all together.

Red is burnt skin peeling,

Scars healing.

Vomit laced blood, 

Bottles of cough syrup.

Labs and stabs,

Itching, burning, rash.

Bruises stay, petechiae

Exposed bones, sore throats.

Transfusions, fleshy organs.

Red is a car race, 

Quick call the blood bank!

Most people see romantic passion,

I see pain, healing, compassion.

As an author,

It has another, meaning.

Red is not associated with Mr. Right, 

But instead everything you did wrong.

Red pen, white paper,

Mistakes you should've caught earlier.

Grades written above,

Was this good enough?

Why so harsh, break my heart,

What do you think?,

Why all the red ink?

Suggestions written in margins,

Leaving you to imagine,

You'll be good enough one day,

You'll HOLD that red pen someday....

As a Christian,

Red means something deep within.

Red washing things white,

Making every wrong right.

Blood pouring from his body,

But not causing pain,

Promising eternity.


On the creator of the stars.

Flushed face,

A promise to the human race.

That if we believe in him,

Surrender our lives,

We'll be with him in paradise.

My Mr. Right,

Will bring me roses of white.

Because despite all the fairytales he read,

He'll be taught how to view the color red.

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