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Fri, 07/06/2018 - 12:29 -- SPZRAY

It takes a minute for the Sun to move

From North to South, and

Back up again to marvel in his splendor

Of the motion, she grew tired


Low bronze and crisp lavender fork through her eyes

While she lights his nights ablaze

In fiery atonement he feels forgiven

She burns away the sins less driven


In all her light she remains but a pit

For the emotions of worn out souls and broken bodies

To gaze into blindness at the woman

Whom she appears to be


It remains heated play as they jest

Reckless hope from one so empty

Low bronze and crisp lavender forked through her eyes

And of the motion, she grew tired



Something beyond her orbit

"Hit me up on the west side"

But he followed her to the red door: drove home on the inside


What a nice fancy; what a dare to dream

To have her in him

And him in she, but of the lighter such

"Oh touch me not lest you be burned"


The tempest raves in longing for desire

True in nature, hallelujah fire

Inside inside inside inside

Of the motion, she grew tired


Blowing one up, her cool always gave

Way to performance with the other stars higher

In the night with mellowed desperation

To be, come, more than the words of the 'wiser'


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