She's got a back of bricks and a spine of cast iron

she wears her stories on her shoulder for all to read

flashbacks chasing after her

keep on pushing fighter:

They took her best friend when she was only 13

she became a lost soul in an unorganized world

she had discovered herself when she was 14

but lost ehrself again not long after

He manipulated her when she was just 15 

her touched her in ways that she didn't understand

her innocence ripped away

Her momma teared away evry hope of success when she was 16

"GIVE UP!" she screamed at her young child 

she put that behind her at 17

striving to prove that none of that matters

she's only 18 now

and has conquered the past that so many wanted to define her as

She has defined herself now as V I C T O R I O U S

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