Vicious Cycle


10 Bellflower Road
United States
40° 40' 16.6332" N, 81° 5' 17.3112" W

Stuck in a vicious cycle.

Internalized emotions 

got my mind going.

Neurons exploding 

in every which direction.

What do you know?

A nerve is pinched 

too tightly.

My teeth begin to clinch.

Opening my mouth to spit

words I might regret.

Praying to my disciples.

Hoping that I don't flip.

A lightbulb flickered 

in my noggin.

As sooner then I realized

I was left dwelling on what 

could not be helped.

And here again I stand 

stuck in a vicious cycle.

Left on my knees I repent.

The sins I did not commit .

But had I flipped.

I would landed myself into 

the fire pits of this vicious cycle.

Corresponding to previous episodes

of the past.

Through the fire will I laugh moving

forward through the flames?

Or will I frown shaking hands with

the devil as I turn to ash?

From this vicious cycle.

Recycling lessons once

taught to me.

Ain't nothing in life

bought for free.

But ought to be.

Here I lay reminding myself

to put life in me.

It took me a while.

But finally.

I'm gon' fight for me.

To get out of this vicious cycle.



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