A vice called miss reeper

A vice called Miss Reeper.

Miss reeper miss reeper 

Right b 4 death u will surely see her

just like a vice from any view corruption
and deceivers 
Wont hear her coming cuz like vice death just creeps up
with all wickedness and venality
you won't make it to ur preacher 
Tho just a few have thank the heavens
to have cheat her
Miss reeper miss reeper 
That one time I got so close 
Thank God I didn't greet her
But still so close laid sights on her 
with my peepers 
Cloaked in all black ragged garbs
like jeepers creepers been scared of him since my Wee years
But the weapon in her hand 
it still pops up in my deep fears 
taste that blade n I let's just say that place called heaven..
u won't get to see who lives there.


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