vibrant fool

any attempt to use
one word to describe me
would be as hopeless as
finding a waterfall in a desert
although if i was to truly try
i think i'd start with
with a tendency to connect 
to nearly each and every individual
i've ever been delighted to meet
i intend to make substantial changes
in my life as well as those in my community
using means of communication
to help all of us find peace
within ourselves and one another

i've been told that i'm rather 
for the spontaneous situations that life
enjoys to confront me with
at first, i didn't see it
how could someone with such
organization be good in preparation?
finally i began to agree 
when it became clear that
this disheveled part of my personality
never significantly affected my readiness

it would be utterly
if i disregarded how
more than once
when i've spoken of subjects of interest
from everything i've cared about
to all the causes for my smile
that spark my enthusiasm
my energy has been described as 
all these words and more
make up the person i am
and the person i will become

no combination
of arrangements of letters
could summarize my persona
it's simply out of the question

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