Verbal Diarrhoea


South Africa

I have orated to the lay

about the dangers of AIDS

& how every books page

brings you a step closer to getting paid


I have recited to the rich

about a large poverty ditch

hoping my recitations will stick

so a lifestyle of sharing they might pick


I read to the powers that be

with the hope that they will lead

and forget about capitalist greed

rather focus on Diepsloot’s needs


I have conversed with fellow artists

shared my thoughts on being martyrs

a re tlogeleng go nagana thata ka thelete,

e ka se go fe matla

rather focus on go thaba

re di natla, so stop acting like di matla


I have spoken to the pale in colour

told them Afrika is also their mother

thus they must treat me as a brother

not a dirty monkey kaffir

elevate their minds and avoid eye covers

so with affection they’ll be smothered

and not treated like the others


All this I have done

not in vain

but in pain

knowing in all my days

I might only see rain

I have done this to maintain

a dream that is thickly veiled

A rendition of a reality revolution rehearsed regularly in the realm of my relativity,

my mind, my vision, our vision... a vision


A singular vision

we know will come to fruition

only as a group or societal decision


Where poverty shares the Dodo’s fate

and & war is vanquished from state debates


Where plagues like AIDS

we eradicate

along with the hole in the ozone


There is an afterlife

with little or no strife

depending on what you do

before the moment you die

Thabiso Nkoana©2007

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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This is a very great poem. I love it!

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