Venus Fashioned

You can see the very skies in her eyes

She's an angel floating down the runway

Adorned in roses and turtle doves

Behold the fashion of her love


Stop! Stare! Strike a pose!

She's the next billboard-princess to be featured on Vogue

She came riding in on the sea foam

With a crown of myrtle and an audience of sparrows

Dressed in Dolce and Gabbana

Making her debut in the tropics of Havana


Effortlessly in style and grace, a fresh beautiful face

Aphrodite's found her place on the cover page

Fashionably designed to be grand; luxurious designer pieces

And a goddess physically crafted for the crowd she pleases


Soft curves, brilliant curls, skin as fair as pearls

Aphrodite the modern fashion icon

Birthed from an ocean of restless gold

Glitz and Glamour make her feel at home

She's your celestial daydream

Pleasure and passion gone mainstream

This poem is about: 
Our world


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