The Venom of Nirvana


Hypnotic, neurotic venom of Nirvana-

You bloom like the petals within my veins.

As we sink to the ground; decomposing with an imperial clout...

Will we still seek to know our story?

Will we still search for enlightenment beyond the void's glory?


It's in the paddled wine that drifts through our bag of bones...

A godly greed to the age of reason that writes our root to our cosmic home

Leaving the grateful dead thankful-

And paying heed to what we intone.


I watch the roses drift down my wrist's riverside...

I think I watched them die...

I think I watched them collide!


I let our rivers collide!

I let the petals go! I let the petals grow!


My mind is as open-

As our cosmos' open ends.

And yet the jazz being heard is still too complex to comprehend.


The petals have been drained and a vortex is left open...

Colors of reality bloom in hemoglobin.

I still seek what wasn't sound in my mind...

I've endowed the gift of meaning behind space and the Divine...


Yet, I still process the question of... why?


It's a poison that has infiltrated our lives and we will never know what the meaning is until we cross through to the other side-

And when our consciousness is no longer trapped within the skull of our outer space... even then we will still crave meaning to our position in this place.


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