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Her words strike like venom on a young, lost soul

Burned inside a heap of broken promises, demanding yes and no, creating a foreshadowed future that bleeds of her past

Pain written through fear on a worn out face, shedding tears because her heart knows of no love

So she goes out and hides behind a MAC made mask, feeding into the lies that there images portray

O sweet young girl I can sense your sorrow, and its disgust me

Every time that brush hits your face you sell yourself short

Believing that the only thing that will get you noticed is that ever fluorescent trash you smother over your skin

When will you be truly happy?

Will it be ten years from, when you find yourself in a dark ally turned about and confused

Desperate for another temporary high to soothe the demons in your head

That you trace you back to the day when Ricky then Johnny told you you were ugly, worthless, and a throw away

Despite what you know to be true, you choose to believe their lies

Now you lie stretched out with no choice but to conceive, this blessing from God which you find only a curse

Then you choose to strike that curse with your venom

As you stand there and watch it work like magic, ripping through that innocent young lost soul, who is your daughter

But you brush it off because you show no care

You tell her constantly, if it weren't for you pain she would not even be here


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