Fri, 10/17/2014 - 22:11 -- Illum1


Feel the vibe flowing through my veins

Opening a never-ending wealth of spiritual domain

So mentally taxing I can't help but wonder what will remain

Enough to make me insane and desire the rain

To put an end to such blissful pain

Wash away all that turns my thoughts a float

As if surrounded in a phosphorescent liquid coat


With a serrated edge in hand and mind not intact

A frightful situation unfolds, a reenactment of terrible proportions

The night freezes atomic movement and the moon glares vehemently

Visions cease to make sense

Deluded distortions commence

A nightmare dares to be told


Slowly, slowly, steady, steadier

Creeping, crawling, ready, ready

Near enough now a glint of steel

A cut so deep no noise dost reel 

Out from the depths of the soul 

For one will no longer be whole


Life's blood spills forth, a torrent of frustration

Desire to live torn from stalwart grip

Staring in despair at the puddle before as fluids go drip drip

How does one endure such devastation?

With anger, and an immeasurable desire for revenge as a new dedication


The killer grins, immersed in sin

Admiring his own evil whims, what fright!

Sinking back into the depths of darkness from whence he came

An abyssal dwelling void of light 

There is no limit to his shame


Soul transverses from body

Rising slowly, slowly, steady, steadily

Growing, pulsating with potential 

Darkness surrounds, an aura of revenge alters shape

Threatening to defile all that is sacred

There is no limit to this hatred


A demon turned from light stands anew

A single reason, a sole inspiration

With naught a heartbeat, only the will to impose a simple justice 

That life is not to take, the deed must ensue 

All manners of depravation I bequeath to you


An elemental foot makes contact with ground 

A crack of thunder tears the sky in two 

A piercing scream blocks out all sound

The killer's face turns blue

As the blood drains, a dark red hue


The deed is done, justice has been served

To take a life that was not his to take 

What else did he deserve?

Now this hatred will not break

A demon roams the earth 


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