Vegas Bitch

Vegas Bitch

she was born in a gutter her mother was a whore
selling junk in her trunk in back of the store
she grew up on the street
no shoes for her feet
over time although many years had passed she had every reason to grasp
the true nature of why she was born
she was being bread as a Vegas bitch to work the strip
taking in whiskey drinkers with fast thinkers
playing the slots with the wild cherries
some folk even wondered if she would ever marry
getting punched in the face more times to ever mention
but giving up her lifestyle was way far out of question
had her pimp named Tommy the same as her mommy
he would often work the numbers at their local bar
getting high and then 69 that fast paced world sure did shine
still there was something lingering an emptiness inside
often she wanted to get away to run & hide
she wanted to build a solid foundation with a white picked fence & home
for years she fought the emptiness all alone
then one day she met a stranger on the street
who spoke to her the true wisdom of God
invited her to attend church but she still wanted to flirt
next thing you know her said a little prayer for her and went on his way
inside somehow that made her day
for once she had a purpose to live
a chance at which to forgive
then she spread eagle on the floor to bow her head to pray
inviting king Jesus to come into her heart to give her a brand new start
then next day she told Tommy the pimp she wasn't doing tricks no more
that's when he hit the Vegas bitch & knocked her to the floor
onto her surprise the beating would subside
then a light came into her room in the late month of June
a voice from heaven to seal her fate to come to him before its too late
a full surrender was on her way & she got born again
now the moral of the story is my friend
never give up on God cause he never gave up hope on you
now I'm through with the Vegas bitch renewed
telling her story down at the shelter for everyone to hear
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love from God up above

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