Blood boils over a scourging pot of hate and disgust! Eyes widen, steam erupts, volcanoes cower, and tigers hide, the devil smiles as tears of blood fall down upon your desquamated skin. Fires burn as the insanity grows. A young one dies in flames from hell. Demons chanting, dragons roaring, ghouls  run frantic. Hands of solid fist break boulders as the teeth of razors bite your soul from your every being. You can’t cower far, for darkness comes in everything around you, surrounding you as you speak. Your eyes dimming, his eyes growing as fires strengthen. Anger flows through music in the screams of the innocent. Suffer SUFFER! The night comes dark with no stars tonight, the moon being driven red as your blood covers its surface. Teeth of crooked masseurs laugh its yowls upon the acidic rancid air. Melting, evaporating, slowly your mind dies as your body is to ashes. Put blood up on my knuckles; smite it on your face of creed. Face in broken muscle, a heart tries to stand fighting, roaring its war to save what it beats thunder for, weak and loosing, you try your best, but you fail with the punches you throw, no contact. Guts bleed, bones break, a mind decreases, but the heart still pumps blood forcing its pain; not falling on the ground. Die it chants in his head, fight till you die. Screams of heartbreak pressure on word onto love ones screams. Blood wail blood thirst, a heart takes down the evil to save its love, but an army stands in his way to stop the two, to pull them apart. A battle they fight horridly. Never give into the night, never give into the night, the evil, the slave, the power stand, run, freedom lasts love stays strong, but crimson still runs thin on a glass window dripping its solid color slowly adding to the scar to your eye.




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