Vanity Slaves


United States
39° 21' 41.1588" N, 76° 35' 21.3972" W

Hot combs, creme relaxer
Ceramic finish of an iron.
Spritz so the style holds.
Changes with the decade, but the fascination never gets old.
Needles & thread, Packs or bundles
10-20 inches long
“pat your weaves ladies” is now the rave and not just because of a song.
A trim here & there or completely shaved,
The majority of us have been conditioned into vanity slaves.
Parts made by a rat tail comb,
Blue magic spread across the row
Or you could be like Darryl & let yo soul glow!
Smooth & silky or nappy at the root.
Thousands of stores, with a wide variety to choose.
Spending big money, even if it means scrapping up dimes,
Chastised if you lay hands on the pack that’s $5.99.
Oppressed by strands & texture
“oh girl this is remy, 1B, loose deep wave”
HAIR HAS CAPTURED US, we the vanity slaves.


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