Wed, 07/17/2013 - 17:57 -- OBADIAH


For too long this grudge has taken hold. A clear contagion and there's a man overboard. I see hate, I see pain, and disdain. Society sees you as a worn out bloodstain. You feel like nobody wants you here so you're enduring this constant emotional sting. This one is for the broken the warm at heart. The ones who feel like their lives are being torn apart. This one is for the gritty who make "the perfect" cringe it's for the ones who were told they wouldn't amount to anything. We are living societies' greatest lie, day in day out Nine to five. Repetition is endless we live for Him and His bliss, you and i we weren't made for this. From weeks to years each season brings new fears and all I see all I hear are people giving up thinking they live worthless lives, But in His eyes YOU HAVE WORTH and with God as my witness you will be strengthed and be annointed get up and shake this Earth


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