A Valentine Wish

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 19:44 -- Eowmy

 If I could have one wish todayThen I'll wish we're not apartSo we could spend this day togetherToday, this day of hearts For though the sun's gone hidingAnd the sky is gray with gloomIf you were here, there're better thingsthan writing in my room Like pushing buttons as a teamdemolishing tanks and back wallsOr throwing iron balls to pins, orEating popcorn by mouthfulls Well one can't have all things all timesPatience, they say, is virtueI've to accept today's not mineThere's a time and place for us too Anyway I hope my dearMy words have made you seeThat though we are apart todayYou're still a part of me.   


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