Once again, she flashed a sneer at me.
This time, shrewd and deeper than the sea.
Her flimsy frame and aghast eyes.
A trace of delirium and a mix of fright,
I wondered what made her so delusionally dark,
For I hoped to see avid light shining through her heart.
No, I was not scared nor I was sad
Just yearned to expose her brighter self.
Because, even the devil was once an angel,
Who tripped into the fissure of pain and agony...
I embraced the dark figurine and caressed its messy curls.
It clutched onto me and shattered huge drops of tears.
Oh! How peaceful and soothing her sobs were, such a music to the ears.
How badly I wanted to be a sheath to her derelict soul.
But, alas, Alas, I couldn't!
Because, she's on my mind and not before my eyes.
She's screaming for help but only I can hear it. I am impotent to her rescue.
Sometimes, she pesters me while some days she embraces me...
Is this painful melancholy or perfect bliss? I don't know, nothing at all...
As the sand grains finds its way through the small hourglass.
She sinks deeper and deeper into the lonesome sea.
Somewhere, queer and far, away from me.
Why can't I go and save her?
Maybe, just maybe because it was me all a long

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