Vacation on The Andromeda Galaxy

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 22:52 -- Phenom


Millions of light-years away

where empty space is full of wonder

time sits still in loud silence

woven into the fabric of space, its majestic nebulas, stars, and everlasting energy

a diaphanous medley of universal harmony


i gaze up in awe as the stars wink at me

secrets and promises of the unknown

I'm breathless, but full of life

I'm frozen in place by its delectable beauty


I'm so far away, but i feel at home

i'm within myself

my own planet, my vast ocean, my galaxy

my respite from me


the sun sets over the delicious horizon 

i feel its solar breath

in this misnicule moment, i feel grand

i take a cosmic step


i tighten my spacesuit, and grab my surfboard

I'm paddling out, full speed ahead

catching the cosmic waves, the cosmic energy

its strings are dancing all around me

a finely tuned visual melody of an empyreal instrument


i latch on and i soar



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