The Vacancy Sign

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 17:15 -- blue655

There is a vacancy sign

In the window of our hearts

Shining in the lightest mind

Separating the dark

A figure advances slowly

Knowing it is unwelcome here

Pretending it is weak and lowly

Tricking us away from fear

It calls to the front desk

Hiding its wretched face

Claiming it seeks rest

Hoping to see you waste

You welcome it in

Your innocence bright

You hate to see it thin

How could it possibly bite?

It stays for weeks

Not saying a word

Becoming a leech

Watching lines blur

Then there is devastation

And you try to shoo it away

But it stays without hesitation

Laughing at your child's play

You beg it to leave

Promising riches and gold

You begin to grieve

And it tightens its hold

Your heart cries out

Is anyone their?

I'm broken now

It's more than I can bear!

Then a light appears

Your cries have been heard

You know it will sear

But it is worth the burn

The battle ensues

The swords ring and crash

But you know who will lose

You know it with every flash

With one mighty blow

The enemy falls

The light starts to flow

Filling every hall

You run to the light

Overflowing with thanksgiving

You understand the white

It is ever living

Why did we give room

To a creature of devastation

When we could have let bloom

The flower of salvation








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