Utterly In Love

I look at you

and I feel this wierd chill ripple

through my limbs, sending heat

to where my heart beats between my

legs. Your fingers are skeleton keys to my body and I wouldn't mind

if you opened me up every night. Even when you're gone

I can feel the whispers of your fingers tracing my lips and the ghost of your body against mine.

I want you. All of the time.

I wish our love weren't forbidden

and you were able to kiss me in front of the world. You make me

want to do all of these crazy things like yell out my love for you.

I want your hands all over my body.

I just want you.


They say you could get addicted to a person and love,

I think I'm addicted to you. You're face. You're lips. You're soft little breaths that fill me with ecstacy.

You fill me up with buckets of joy and hope and make me a fool;

jumping off of a cliff not knowing what'll come next. I would die rather than be in a world without you.

I love


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