Utena the Poem (Originally Sometimes I Think About)

This happened recently.

I don’t know where my dream is.

But I can hear it singing



Wop baba lumop a wap bam boom


It sounds so close to me.

Should I leave?

This room is dark but comforting.

I’m scared to be wrong. 


Maybe I’m conceited.

My dream and I used to be one.

This room used to mean something

When it was around.

Something happened in between.

I don’t remember.  


We used to be a star that never

Burns out.

But my dream starts to sparkle brighter.


My dream might be waiting for me.

I’m scared to be wrong.


I can feel the Spring breeze

Through a cracked window.

My dream is near.

This room is getting darker.

Will it forgive me?


Let me be free!

So I can reunite with my dream.

It keeps singing our song. 

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