Tue, 09/02/2014 - 17:19 -- zara

written January 2008


Where life and soul and body meet

I come away to sit and think.

Here the sunlight on my face is sweet

and I have space

and time to take

my words, and with glitter and feathers link

them together —

until they grow wings and fly

away, and leave me to wait

in sunlight and quiet and breeze and sky

for someone thoughtful passing by

to make their own

ribbon-wrapped gift of words

and send it skipping here so I

can open it.

And then, what to do?

Nothing for me but to read aloud

to the quiet hopeful crowd

of birds and ants and trees and rocks

these words from a stranger.

Here time moves

in skips and jumps.

Here in the unmourned absence of clocks

I measure seconds and hours

in speech and sun and leaves

drifting along the ground.

Here I am found,

a whole person clothed in flowers

and in feelings and in things to say.

That is how I spend my day.


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