use your head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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stop making poor choices
don't allow the little head to tell the big head what to do
these days, females are not what we call our boo
it gets hot and heavy like being bury under a rock during the summer
yet, getting careless and reckless is a bummer
think about your life
at the end,you want that woman to be your wife
dont be like folks who complain about having a baby mama
all you will have is unwanted drama
use your head to think clearly
or else you will regret it dearly
any guy with his head can make babies
if you dont do whats right, you will get sick like dogs contracting rabies
so next time you have sex
think with the right head or shame on you like a guy with no muscles trying to flex

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Humorous in its style and rhythm, serious in its content. The last image of "a guy with no muscles trying to flex" really sums up what I took to be the driving idea behind your poem: be ready to back up your actions. I really enjoyed reading this!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the support
im going to keep writing about many thoughts


That was very good and very true

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks for the support
appreciate it, check out my other poems

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