Use My Name

 Why won’t they call my name?

My name is You

Yet they talk about Him

And cursing That.

All is what I hear from the hissing whispers being shared

sharing names that are not my own.

These thin walls call for Him, That,and IT.

But never me, You.

They hit Him and Kick That

But I never hear my name.

“It is His fault!”

Who is this His!? Where are they!?

"I hate Them!"

Yes, but who is them!? show me who you hate!?

I am puzzled, unsure who you are adressing

Why am I so confuse, by your name calling?

Why won’t you call me?

I am cursed,

I am hit,

I am kicked

As well as them all.

Call me, I have the right to be address.

I am You!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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