He sits and gazes into my eyes

Tears stream down my face

I get up

clenching my hands

and pace upon the



“Give me more.

What is wrong?”.

My tongue is buried

like a muted song

under lips

whom have made numerous mistakes

and faked

a lifetime of emotions.


“I am fine.”

I try to hide

the strain in my eyes

and smile

and turn to

walk out the door.


“Give me more.

What is wrong?”.

My tongue is buried

under words

that have entangled my

intentions and caused




He stands and blocks my exit out the door,

lifts and separates the nervousness in my hands,

then looks into my eyes.


A smile stretches across my face

I pace


write until the strokes from my pen dance.

Accurately my words


upon the teary eyed paper.

These tears are joy.


I open my mouth and awaken through

the read lines of my poem

“I love you

and want this to last

not short-term like my past

of lust

and distrust

I love the way

you care to know my feelings

and make me glow.


My dry skin worships the love you bring to my body

like the Nile to a tribal child

I feel secure with you

I promise you are the only one

You give me life like the sun

When the world is cold

you warm my toes

with your embrace of kindness

Once I was blinded and

My spirit empty

So subconsciously this tongue

drives me into fear at times

I try to shake the past feelings

refocus, and hesitate

in order

to keep the mood graceful

and continue to allow our

affection to radiate

your heart in mine

this place in time.”


He read my poem

and the tears dried from my paper

like poetry was my savior

It lifted my tongue

enabled my words

freed me from holding on to the past

Poetry, You have given me peace

and helped me to display my emotions

Poetry is a potent potion

He told me

“Thank you for taking a sip.”


Poetry saved my relationship.


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