Because I love you

I will tell you my dreams

In hopes, you’ll tell me yours

It will take sometime

For you to open up to me

Because of your past

But that’s fine.

We’ll respect

Each other’s boundaries

And don’t push each other buttons for

The hell of it

When it’s the right time

You’ll tell me what's

On your mind

Which is all the time


Because you love me

You’ll remind me every day is a blessing

Because I’m by your side

You’ll tell me these stories

How you only can see in black and white

When I came around you saw

Every color of the rainbow

Or how I could walk into your house

And you could feel my presence

I somehow could turn that frown upside down

Every time I say something sweet.

You let me borrow your hoodie

Even if it was too big for me

But I didn’t care

It smelt like the first day I met you


Because we love each other

Maybe we're not meant to be

We keep fighting

You keep drinking

I keep yelling at you to choose

Me or the booze

You choose the booze

Instead of me

After all this time

It’s hard for me to say goodbye

Without you by my side

I feel dazed and confused

I don’t have a clue

Who I’m without you

I hope your doing fine


Because I love myself

I’ve been finding myself

And all the pieces I lost during our relationship

A dear friend of mine once told me

You have to give up a piece of yourself

If you want to let someone in

I guess I gave you 80 percent

While you gave me 20 percent

I picked you up when you were down

But you left me to drown

I’m doing fine now


Because I love him

I think I found the one now

I met him way before I met you

But He and I always turned each other down

Saying to each other It's not the right time now

Because I was in love with you

He heard me go on and on about you

He didn’t have a clue I had a crush on him too

I never thought we be the perfect two


A poem about a lover I never had.


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