Upside Down

Today my head feels like it's about to explode. Simultaneously. Maybe even explosively.

So many thoughts and feelings buzzing at once. Like hummingbirds in spring.

Do they ever find the sweet, sweet nectar they seek? Or are they too denied?

Words. For being worth nothing, they can mean so very much, (yet also, so very little).

Confusion. Rather, chaos. Bittersweet, beautiful chaos that we call life.

What is life but a series of moments and memories that we struggle in vain to capture in what we deem "art". Who are we to try to possess them?

Want to know a secret? Our eyes see upside down. It's our brain that flips the image.

Want to know another secret? Sometimes I wonder if it would all make more sense if our brain wasn't always interfering; would life make more sense "upside down"?

In those rare moments of utter chaos when things couldn't possibly make less sense, (or so I am convinced in these fleeting moments), I feel that, maybe, just maybe, things might make more sense upside down.

Sometimes, the best way, (and at times, the only way), to solve problems is to look at them from a new perspective.

So, why not upside down?

Ever tried to balance so that your body was upside down? Especially your head?

Pretty hard to think like that, all upside down and whatnot, no?

My point exactly.


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