Ups and Downs in Life (By Alex and Eva Peck)

Life always has its ups and downs,

Which may at first cause us frowns.

To expect life to be otherwise,

In reality, is not very wise.


To hope for only pleasure is unrealistic,

In this earthly life, that’s far too optimistic!

Never wanting to suffer is a wrong view to maintain.

It is a normal part of life to have some pain.


We’re happy whenever we gain and get more;

But it’s another story when some loss we score!

To only want gain, and never loss, is not realistic;

For this earthly life, it’s ignorantly idealistic!


How we’re pleased and rejoice, when some fame we get,

Yet, may feel crushed when by feelings of insignificance we’re met!

To only desire and yearn for status and position,

In the here and now, is not a true-to-life condition!


So wonderful we feel when from others praise we get,

Yet, when blame comes our way, we quickly get upset!

To only want to be well thought of, by one and all,

In our life, is under a serious delusion to fall!


To embrace these eight worldly concerns by you and me,

Is not the way to live a life that is truly free!

Both attachment and aversion will leave us in suffering trapped!

There’s a better, middle way, that indeed for us has been mapped.


That way is to accept life as it emerges, we’re told,

With open heart and mind allow reality before us unfold.

Difficult as it can be, by accepting come what may,

We will find a great, more peaceful, middle way.


Countless complex causes and conditions are at play,

That make it impossible for all things to go our way.

But, to continually fear any form of pain,

Doesn't benefit life in the physical domain.


Ups and downs in life will no doubt arrive,

And we’ll have to do the best we can to survive.

May we take what comes in our stride,

Accepting what we encounter – and thrive!


Alex and Eva Peck

(Reflecting on the reality of how life will always have ups and downs.)

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