Uplift Where I Have Fallen

You slam the door in my face, in my heart, in my possibilities, you leave
Leave me to raise myself
Leave me to find my own way in a world of insolence and hate
I am yours, but you are not mine
I am tame and you are wild
But on the inside I search
Search for myself
For a way to look into a child's eyes and tell him that his father will not abandon the love he has
For a way to light a broken smile in the reflection I stare at every morning
I don't want your lies
You may have slammed the door in my heart but my eyes still see just fine
I see what happy can be
I see what happy can do
I will be happy, even when you tell me that happiness is a bottle of whiskey to forget
I uplift myself, not for you, not for me
I uplift myself so that when I tell that little boy that his father won't leave his heart in fragments 
I can mean it, it won't be a lie, because even if he does, he'll know how to carry on
He will be strong, he will be happy, brother you will thrive
I will raise my spirits from the great beyond
Things will look better than six feet under and I will look him in the eyes and say 
You can do it too, you are an inspiration to me, you are not broken 
Little brother, go on
Little brother show me what it's like to love someone who has left you alone for so long
Brother hold the light that became too bright for me to carry
You slam the door?
No, you don't slam the door
I hold it open.


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