An Update on Divus Julius

Tue, 08/13/2019 - 12:50 -- AW

There was a consul long ago
Who sat beside a river's bank
And with his cry, "The die is cast!"
He crossed it, seeking higher rank.

The senate was displeased thereby
And killed him, but his name survived.
In cults that worshipped Julius,
And thus the title "Caesar" thrived.

But he's not where they would expect--
A place no Roman comprehends--
He's in a living-room somewhere
Just playing Yahtzee with his friends.

And as his buddies roll the dice,
He cries, "The die is cast!" six times,
He who was one adored by crowds
Of plebeians in ancient times.

And soon he rolls a 36
And with excitement yells, "Woohoo!"
But then his roommate rolls the same
And Caesar turns and says "Et tu?"

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