Open your eyes  face the mirror.

Look within and deep beyond.

Tears fall as your thoughts proceed to think of your insecurities.

Strong but weak.

Unafraid but scrared.

Covering yourself and hiding your body.

Shamed of the scars but their beauty marks  in diguise.

Unworhty of who you are.

And ashamed of allowing your inner you to be free.

You are worthy more than you may know.

Touch your heart and find love within you and know that love is within.

Beauty is in the eye of only you and you to define.

This poem is about: 
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 



I I love writing poetry because i am able to express myself in words.

The reason i have chosen to use this poem is because we have to shed more light on what 

society faces and that's people being insecure and not loving themselves the way they are.

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