Unveiled feelings

I waited my whole life for 2016,

and it wasn't the year I was told it would be

It's my graduation year and I'm old enough to vote

but as I look at my choices it's clear they must think I'm a joke

Home of the brave and land of the free

yes we saw a lot in 2016

Believe it or not before I started school here

I wanted to pursue a military career

I took the asvab my counselor couldn't ignore

that out of the whole school I claimed highest score

and when she asked me what branch I wanted to be

I think she was shocked when I said proudly Marines

of course my family wasn't thrilled; grandma didn't agree

Why would little old me want to be a marine?

To serve and protect, plus it'll pay for school

and you gotta admit in uniform I'll look cool,

but plenty has happened between now and then

to make me wonder if America is really my friend.

A lot happened leading to the election of 2016

I learned how America feels about me.

First off I'm a female, I'm black and I'm bi,

3 strikes against me around here that won't fly

All summer my mom asked I cover up more

A piece of advice I often ignored

because why should I be forced to dress like a nun

because someone didn't explain consent and self-control to their son?

Besides should something happen and it's me against him

it's not like my assailant would pay for his sin

Justice be seerved? Let's not even pretend!

Guys kinda smart plus he can swim...

You're more likely to be shot by a cop white or black

than to die in some radical Islamic attack

so I fear for my brother as he walks American streets

A football player he's dark and tall, 6'3

and I can't help but notice countries that don't want our banking system

always happen to be where so called "terroist" are from.

One of the saddest events of 2016

In Orlando we saw how some people feel about me.

Outside of that building you might not even know they were gay

my heart hurts for the people lost ot ignorance that day

So it didn't matter this election who lost or won

You see by this point I was already done.

My father was upset, no vote! How could I dare?

He fought for this country and what? You don't care?

Well this countries not exactly something to flaunt

if I'd been here I would've told you don't fight for what I don't want

An insult to my intelligence and a complete disgrace

America's now a laughingstock to the whole human race.

So I'm sorry if you feel this was an importan decision

If I've offended you so I hope I'm forgiven

In my defense there wasn't much to form my opinion

all you've asked is should the hate for me be blatant or hidden...


This poem is about: 
My country


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