Regret is

Waking up ten minutes after falling asleep,

Rolling out of bed and staring out of your window,

Fully knowing that the glass beneath your fingers is breakable too.


Loneliness is

A disease that cracks across your skin,

Forming ravines that are impossible to cross;

Further ravishing the warmth left inside of you.


Indifference is

The numbness that crawls within your body,

Like the washing away of your final words;

The silence you are left standing in as the waves begin to tumble.


Brilliance is

The craziness that masks a parallel world;

Like the feathers brushed against one’s face

During a night of wild and murderous congestion.


Sorrow is

The completed creation of a recipe

In which you never intended to produce;

But there it sits, your name written all over it,

Sure to the world that you do not miss its existence.


Forgiveness is

The biting of a tongue, the clenching of a muscle one cannot replace,

Hoping that its almost involuntary movements will subside;

It is the strength within one's inner depths of which you thought you lacked

That throws the memory to the side, locking away the conscience of the past.


Kylie Blaire Waid


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