Untitled (September 2014)

Whether or not I pray to a God is none of your concern

Whether or not I pray to multiple gods is also none of your concern

whether I believe in the vast nothingness or look to the sky and see angels coming down is none of your concern

My faith is my own, and I care not what you think of it


Whether or not I wrestle with my faith is none of your concern

Whether or not I lose my faith is none of your concern

Whether or not I fall to my knees screaming and begging for forgiveness in the dark of night is none of your concern

My journey of faith and religion is none but my own


It is easy to debate whether something is out there in the vast nothingness of space

But for some reason agreeing that there is a vast nothingness seems to be the majority these days

Is this something inherently wrong with me believing in a God?

Is there something inherently wrong with the journey of faith I've taken these past 20 years of my life?


The answer of course is a definitive no

Regardless of what you might hear on the television or on the Internet

There is nothing wrong with believing in a God

Or gods

Or spirits

Or anything

So long as it gives you the proper purpose in life and helps you move on


My journey of faith is mine and mine alone

And I have lost my faith many times

But in my search I find moments of clarity and peace

Clarity and peace that I cannot explain through proper means and attribute to a higher power

There is nothing dangerous about that


What is dangerous is that of a closed mind

But you already know that

So why is the closed mindset still so prevalent?

Because it is easier than testing the waters of your faith


What you believe in is none of my concern

But I implore you

Test the waters

Because regardless of the outcome the journey alone will be worth it

Because in the end

Whether or not you believe is no one else's concern but yourself

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Our world


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