untitled no. 1


United States

You leave a trail of fire in everything you do

And i’d give up all the oxygen I will ever breathe

If it means finally watching you burn


Because I will rise from your ash

From your iridescent yet infructuous stature

From our callow cagamosis


I am not your ravanastron

And I am not your rebec

You can’t keep me on a shelf


I was engulfed by your faux facia

Eventually, calling your fragile skin my home

Not realizing my haematic hatred for you grew


Watchet hearts and eyes piercing into my wrist

You wreck me so I would stay below your hilt.

Trapped in a cage of silver and sweet nothings


All signs point to pre-meditated paizogony

But all your sides put up a convincing palilogy

Your “I love you”s were dolled up “adieu”s



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