Untitled (identity)

Sat, 01/25/2014 - 23:43 -- wembsy

In my life
I have been asked
to make decisions
about my future
and choose
once and for all
what I want to do
with all that I have:
my talents,
my abilities,
my youth,
and my femininity.

I can take a brush
and paint a landscape.
I can take a pen
and write you a song.
I can take a camera
and capture a moment.
I can take a hit,
and still stand up strong. 

I can climb a mountain
and reach the summit;
standing tall.
I can fall in love
and not plummet;
giving it my all.

All my life
I will answer the questions
regarding my future
and declare
with absolute certainty:
"everything I'm capable of." 


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