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Tue, 06/21/2022 - 06:10 -- Creator

Sweet romance 

Running in fantastic lines

Agreeing with magical future

In embrace of miraculous now

We dream to heal

Life will be wholesome again 

Each ticking consciously promises this.


In vast conscience of nature

Holding Destiny’s forth 

By fours in twos

In wonder of good music and time 

Thinking in focus on right and perfect 

In spooning with heaven marbles 

Embarrassed by unorthodox paths in orthodox creeds.


Strange sparks stream from Heaven’s store

Surely beyond mortal tradition 

In sweet singing nature 

Either in silence of the sun or the moon 

Special as caffeinated love 

dripping with a fruity embrace 

Speaking sessions of seasons and senses.


Dancing with every chance 

In beauty of dreams 

By beds of rhythm 

For flowers and all of nature

In fluttering fun of friendship, family, and food

My love time calls 

We have somewhere to be with the post for mails and balls 



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