Malcolm X and Martin Luther King


Man oh man, they could have been a power team.

Really they just wanted the same thing,

They wanted to live the American dream.

It’s safe to say that it’s not as easy as it seems.

Malcolm X spoke on how selfish the white men can be,

Trying to have Rosa Parks give up her seat.

Let’s talk about how arrogant the white men really is,

Thinking it was okay to come and snatch up land that was never even his.

Malcolm went on to say we were going to receive equality “by any means necessary.”

It’s just a little scary,

To think we have to carry,

This weight on our shoulders and these thoughts in our minds,

Thoughts about all of these horrific crimes

Committed by the hands of a white man.

But I don’t think you guys understand what I mean by horrific.

If you look at the statistics you might go ballistic.

Separate but equal?

That doesn't even sound right to me.

They had us as slaves but got the nerve to call America the land of the free.

Ha, yeah right.

All those rebellions to fight this oppression

It’s 2017 and the white men still haven't learned his lesson.

I suffer from different forms of racism and sexism

Simply because I’m a women and the color of my skin.

Dealing with these two forms of oppression sometimes cause me to ask myself if I’ll ever be able to win.

So now we walking on the proper path to resistance

Yelling “hands up, don’t shoot!”

Some of those who have their white privilege in the crowd on mute.

When confronted they would say, “well what exactly can I do?”

It’s no surprise that it’s a mystery

Because U.S history never really taught them what it meant to be someone like me.

Someone like me who never truly known what it felt like to be free.

Someone like me who fear being judged by the color of skin,

Someone like me who fear to be the next victim of police brutality,

Someone like me who have to remind our society that black lives actually matter.

Now I know why they say “everyone wants to be black until it’s time to be black.”

Everyone knows what happened to Eric Garner because he was saying “I can’t breathe.”

Getting down to the root of the problem is when he was asking why are you guys always doing this to me?

Kanye West said it best and he said nothing but the truth.

He said, “Even when I’m in my Benz, I’m still a - in a coop.”


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My community


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