(I wrote this poem about the effects of social media for my English class. It doesn't

rhyme but it has a little repetition. I don't know how this website works but if

you can, feel free to share feedback!)


Opening app: Funimate

Nothing but positive

The comments on my newest video

“You’re so good!”

“Why do you have the best videos, it’s unfair!”

“You’re so cool I wish I could be like you.”

My lips curve up, and I come to a realization

I’m liked.

These comments make me feel like I’m at home

Like I have the freedom to be myself

I don’t have to hide behind a mask

Or be a shell of the person I really am,


I’ve heard the warnings

“You don’t know who’s behind the screen!”

Because that really makes me wanna put down my iPod,

“These friends won’t last forever!”

Try living in the moment

“You might be getting catfished!”


Maybe I am

But these people I find online are nicer to me than you’ll ever be



Opening app: Twitter

“@tiffalltimelow thanks for being so nice to me and my girlfriend. We appreciate it.”

“I was thinking about everyone in this chat and I was like ‘Tiff knows what’s up’”

@AllTimeLow followed you

From the Uk to the Us

People follow me and see

How awesome of a person I can be

This is where I belong

Like a warm embrace

People give me appreciation in under 140 characters.


So many warnings,

“You won’t meet them in person”

I don’t need to see them face to face

To appreciate their friendship

“There’s no body language, no intonation.”

So we may get in a little disagreement

It happens

It’s happened to me before over a simple Twitter bio,

But that person I had the disagreement with

Tweeted one of the things I mentioned before

After our disagreement


It’s so hard to imagine

Who I’d be if I walked away

Shut down

Hit delete

I see and hear the negative things

That hate on my internet friends

But they have my back

The people I see before me



may not

My online friends are people I can trust

The people I see before me

I May


I may not

My online friends appreciate me for who I am, and they don’t get annoyed when I mention something I like that they don’t

The people I see before me



may not.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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