I tried to think of one thing I couldn't live without,

whether it's a person, a thought, or even a food

But what actually came to mind was a disturbing realization...

Its the evil of the world that gives the good it's value

Music is the good that i usually would choose if i were stranded

But i feel like the one thing i could never survive without isnt physical

I think by now its obvious that we need food and water to survive 

Or medicine or even a companion would be nice but expected answers....

The one thing that can help you get to the physical things you need.. is peace and a clear mind

Theres been times where I freaked myself out thinking and stressing about the physical needs

Until I realized with a clear mind, you can think of better solutions to even find a way out of no way

So my answer as cliche as a 19 year old nature loving girl's answer could be is peaceful and clear thoughts

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