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Tue, 06/21/2022 - 05:43 -- Creator

See lips and tongues walk 

in voice steps of their words 

They perform what legs and feet 

couldn’t do now 

Maybe the future will speak differently 

Now hands and fingers are like them too.

With brooms of the eyelids 

blinking in patterns 

In tongues of the hands 

And directions of the feet 

Round earth’s temple 

And Nature’s heartbeat.


In them, on paths and narrative lines 

Of divine love and depth of love’s lives

I found colors, movements, and auras 

beyond sounds, feelings, and language 

One outside wing 

of media, music, and magic 

Born as ripe fetus and fruits 

Sent forth in the spirit 

of miracles, mercy, and merry might

The sweet beauty of dimensions and reflections 

I sailed, sunk, and swayed in 

Beyond what senses can interpret 


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Our world
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