I’m an abomination to this domestication society creates in women everyday

I create my own flow to my own voice in ways that create mini earthquakes

Leaving behind that model design the media generates behind electric minds

Throwing away that branded cake girls paint on their faces every single day

I preach and I teach that the victimized aren’t always vocalized

I express that the way you dress isn’t an open invitation to caress and undress my own protected place

I won’t lie that the media had slipped into my mind a few times

But every time, I look around and see women’s faces changing, fading

Women’s bodies growing thinner and thinner

Young girls dying their hair but being worse for wear

I see scars on young girls’ bodies while they’re playing with their Barbie’s

I see young girls and women dying inside from the lies they’re fed by those damn Hollywood billboard signs

And then I realize, the media is the women’s demise

So yes, I teach and I preach that our bodies don’t define the beauty that is our minds

That we don’t have to follow the media criteria

That we are all unique and being unique will be the next big thing

I’m a girl with acne scars that are her beauty marks

I’m a girl who’s curvy like her sexuality and individuality

I’m a girl who speaks her mind all the time

I’m a girl who stays away from the photo shopped “beauty” we all see today

My beauty isn’t my shape, size or height

My beauty is what lies deep inside my creative mind

I’m an abomination to this domestication society creates in women everyday


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