Untitled (2015)

The breaths in my lungs right now...

are trembling

...it's faint

I tried ignoring it

...what more can I take

I know when you see smiling

you can see that it's fake

Anexity weighs down the smile on my face

Insecurity weighs down the smile on my face

...knowing at the thought of my name

I'll automatically be judge on my race

This is a conversation

I have yet to face

...Because It's been drug out over 17 years

17 years I'm still living

17 years I've been breathing

17 years I've had the right to exercise my rights


It's a travesty knowing

that many aren't given that right

while I sit here and do nothing

I let steroestypes, color of my skin, and the uniqueness of my name


Intead of allowing the air in my lungs

to do the same.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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