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I find myself wandering Lost Just walking Pacing Back and forth Thinking About changes That can be made Changes That can bring about my escape My heart races At the slightest ideas Lifting off into space From this place Called Earth Where people sing and dance about being a jerk But my heart hurts And nothing I can do to fix it works So I sit and continue to watch As children's confidence drop Cuz society creates this illusion Fuckin kids brains up When they really shouldn't give a fuck Tellin em skinny is what's in Destroying their bodies tryna be thin It's totally ridiculous We gotta get rid of this Shit is getting crazy Demolishing the children of the future on a daily Telling black children they'll never make it Going after what they loved like the fat boy who loves cake did But still they erase it Going hard on a daily basics Whether it's selling crack on a street Or spending hours on a computer making beats They live for this They live for life Going head first Aiming for the shining light In the darkness Their salvation, their fortress Can't wait to be there In a place where everyone cares But the thing is they're already are Just lift your head See beyond the clouds And you're already amongst the stars I find myself wandering Seeking Just walking Finding My path Thinking About changes That I've made Changes That have brought me where I am today So I pick a pen and pad And write about the dreams we've had So soon enough we'll all realize our destiny We see the shining We're already at success' gates The place where we're all meant to be...


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