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Mon, 12/09/2019 - 22:19 -- K4Z

Power. Pain is power and power kills. I never sleep, sleep is the cousin of death. 

Every creed, every colour, every race. Our commonality. We are all one in death. 

Well, Fuck death. Fuck your ethnicity, our commonality divides us. We all die, 

we all find some sort of grave, whether it be casket or ditch. Suicide, Sickness, 

Seniority, Segregation, power binds us all. Power ends in Pain, 

Pain leads to Exhaustion, Exhaustion leads to Sleep, Sleep leads to Death. Fuck death. 

I wake up, turn on the news to find death has been working overtime. 


You know who's been earning their check?

Gravity. Gravity is working overtime like their about to get laid off,

and have a family of 8 to feed. The world lays its cell bars across my chest, and gravity 

brings them down compressing my lungs, depressing and stressing my brothers and sisters

in blood, and it takes every conceivable aspect of hope we have left.


It inspires Fear. FUCK Fear. Fear comes with power, and power is death. 

Fear comes with risk, too much to lose. Isaiah 35:4 says 

"-say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, 

he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.""


Well, Fear fuckin rears its head, my dead body lying on the cold floor painting

the world red, fed gasoline only to spout fire, retire my Fear and run. 

Keep my head down. No Mans Land. 


The shells are falling like rain drops on the concrete. My friends are flying in

all directions painting the world blue to contrast my blood. FUCK FEAR.

I keep running, no why, no when, no where, only forward. You fall. You get back up.

You start running again, and you never stop until the day these feelings disperse. 

The day you join your brothers and sisters, your creed, because nobody will pray 

for a ruthless nuisance, been true since the beginning of time, lies, because I feel like 

there's no tomorrow, fuck the world. 

Fuck Fear, Power, Stress, Sleep, Death, Feel, Fake Freedom, Breath, and my faithless heart.

Fuck Demons, Monsters, False prophets, schemes, and the like. 

Fuck, every ethnicity, Fuck EVERYONE. Fuck your feelings, every imposter. 


I feel like the whole world wants me to pray for them, 


But who the fuck prayin for me?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



This poem is very reminescent of one of my favorite poets, one I consider to be one of

the best of all time. Kendrick Lamar. He has impacted my life and inspired me to write in

the style I do. I am confident when I say his music has kept me alive through some

of these trials that life has thrown at me so far. I reference some of his lyrics a few times

in this poem, but understand that in no way or form do I intend harm or plaguerism. 

Thank you all for continuing to read, even when I don't upload, it means the world.

I love you all, besides that, Enough said.

- Kaz

Snow in Autumn

I love the ending of this poem, and the gravity part gave me chills! 


This is so good! I love the last two lines, because they hit me right in the feels. Along with the feelings of worthlessness and anger that I think a lot of us have, it also kind of hits the "religious questioning" button (for me, and my own doubts about religion). Anyway, that was a super long winded way of saying great job!! Keep up the good work.


I may have just noticed but did you get "sleep is the cousin of death" from Isak and Even's SKAM? I serisouly re-watched the show and remeberd what that meant

XD TheLoverFool

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