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On the block I saw a J-Rock with his hand on his glock looking like he wanted to pop so I, went to tell him stop. See, he just go out the pen and another strike he’ll get life in the pen and I’m his only friend, knew him since we was 10. We had each other whenever there was a problem.
“Yo Rock, what’s good smooth.” I need not look out for the way I communicate I asked him what he was doing and he said I’m about to set things straight with this overweight dude trying to hate. Just contemplate you explode that and your life’s a wrap. Man I can hide he said, yeah but we got snitches he took a few minutes then held in his business his fist, his Tims, his penis. See he pissed on chubby then we went to the courts and chilled talked about him missing out, the graduation adjacent, his sister’s boyfriend the only dude he could trust to be banging and not leaving. He missed his sister’s report card 95 and up she worked hard. He told me about the gory fights away from lights and eyes of CO, coming close to suicide and a place he’d hide for the nights he cried. He told me he didn’t want to be here. I said where, he said everywhere, I don’t wanna live. I told him tell me you are living as long as I’m living it's just the stress talking. He told me no, shit is going too slow and I’m feeling low, who knows, I’ll probably be back in the pen over the weekend and I don’t wanna bring a friend so don’t stand too close.
The next day on the block J-Rock selling rocks and I see the cops roll around the corner so I yell “Police” Rock unleashed a few shells as he propelled one cop yelled, “I’m hit!” Rock turned the corner quick and came to my house and lit a spliff to ease, got on his knees. I could see that he could hardly breath so I grabbed my pump and let him use it. I took a look outside the window, cop cars are rushing to the block and rushing in the building and my breathing is gradually fainting Rock says “Your bleeding” and I say, “I’m dying”. My adrenaline must have been high when I got hit cause I didn’t feel shit. J-Rock applied a towel with pressure to stop the bleeding, leading me to a couch, I’m fading I told him, “I guess you’ll live longer than I’ve lived.”



The fact that you split this poem into two parts made it read like a short story, with a beginning, middle, and end. You have great writing skills in order to be able to combine short story writing and poetry writing in the same piece of written work.

Lydia Pandorf

I feel that this was very deep and was put into a lot of thought! Good job on telling this story as a piece of art, a very moving poem.


Heartfelt poem

Stormie Shadle

Amzaing. You have some major talent. I love how its a stroy and a peom at the same time. Definetly worth my time and anyones time to read it. Good Job!!


I like the message.

Nina Brown

love it


I like to write my poems like a Hip Hop Track.... You have a mix of Hip Hop, Poetry and Spoken Word.... Nice to see a video..... Keep doing your thing!

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